Tantric Sex

What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is based on the philosophy of Tantra that originated in India over six thousand years ago. Unlike the organized religions of the time, Tantra embraced - rather than rejected - basic human pleasures. It taught that acts like eating, dancing and lovemaking are sacred acts - and that sexuality exists as a spiritual path to enlightenment.

The Science of Ecstasy

Sometimes referred to as 'The Science of Ecstasy', Tantra looks upon sexual energy as the largest in the universe. Tantric sex, therefore, is believed to bring lovers together in such a way as to achieve a blissful and ecstatic union, where both man and woman have a heightened awareness of every gesture, action, feeling and emotion they experience during lovemaking.

By creating intimacy and trust on a deep, fundamental level, it allows the sexual, physical and erotic energies of each partner to merge together. It encompasses breathing techniques and conscious meditation, elevating the purely physical act of sex to a more spiritual experience.

The Tantric philosophy teaches that this harmonious union between man and woman provides a spiritual route to the divine - a 'oneness' with God or the universe.

On a more practical level, Tantric sex can greatly enhance the experience of lovemaking by taking away the 'urgency' associated with typical sexual encounters, encouraging lovers to take the time to fully explore and appreciate every aspect of sexual intercourse including - and in addition to - the physical.

If you've always seen Tantric sex as somewhat 'out there', or irrelevant to your love life, then think again!

There are a myriad of benefits to be gained by applying the principles of Tantric sex within your relationship, leading not just to a more fulfilling love life, but to an enhanced and deeper emotional connection with your partner, too.

You can read more in my pages on tantric yoga.

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