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When last did you engage in spicy sex?

If you want to spice up your love life and have better sex, the easiest way to go is to think of the raunchiest thing you and your partner have done in the bedroom and then bumping that up a notch. A little variety has never hurt anyone and trying out a few new moves can only boost your sexual pleasure. Even the most daring sexual routines can get quite boring quite quickly if you shy away from variety. This will cause your sexual sensations to be a lot less exciting. Try taking your sex life to another level by doing something different and exotic.

Trying out some new moves makes for great spicy sex. Here are some superhot tips for better sex:

Teasing is Pleasing

Our sex drive (more so in men) is mostly driven by what we see. “Many men love to watch a woman get turned on. It lets them know what gets her going and makes them feel like they are doing something illicit just by sitting back and enjoying the show,” says Sari Locker, sexologist and also the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex. “And it’s great for women too. Seeing how a guy reacts when he is watching you will bump up your desire.”

You need a bit of confidence to indulge in spicy sex - and if you don't quite have it, fake it until you make it!

Move #1

Just before your partner comes over to see you, masturbate alone but it is important not to let yourself climax. A very easy way to do this is simply to imagine his hands and lips moving softly over all areas of your body. Stay naked and keep massaging your clitoris until he shows up. When he walks through the door, don’t stop what you’re doing. This will be a great turn-on for both of you. Start telling your partner exactly what you have been up to so he can put together a mouth-watering mental image. When you finally have sex it will be superhot for both of you.

Move #2

Plan a date for you and your partner but make sure he arrives at your house a bit early. Invite him into your room and let him watch you masturbate. If he tries to touch you, tell him he will have his turn soon enough. Before he arrives, set the room up with a mirror at the end of the bed so that he can have a clear view of what’s going on. Seat him at the head of the bed with you in front of him between his legs. Start by touching your breasts with one hand and inside your thigh with the other. This will stimulate both your lower and upper senses at the same time especially if you gradually fasten the pace. Keep moving closer to your vagina until your partner is practically begging for more. Then tell him that he can finish what you started when you get home. Spicy sex? You bet!

Move #3

Book a table at a fancy restaurant and have your partner pick you up for dinner. Just after you've been seated tell them you forgot something in the car. As soon as you exit the door send him a message saying you desperately need his help. When he arrives, pull him into the car and tell him that you have to have him right there, right now. Having sex in a public place will enhance your sex drive and make the act itself much more exhilarating. This is because there is a slight chance of getting caught. One of the best ways of having sex in the car is in the backseat. Lay your partner on his side and demand that you do all the work. Take a hold of his penis behind you and gently slip it inside you while in the spooning position.

Just be sensible... you don’t want to attract unwanted attention!

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