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Photo of Sex Toys Sex toys are tantalizing instruments of desire. They can lift your sexual experiences to unprecedented new heights. A sex toy can be a couple’s best friend… although you don’t have to stick to couple toys! The great thing about them is that they are just as useful for enhancing your solo sex practices as well.

If you’ve never had sex with toys before, step right up and learn all about how they can elevate your sexual pleasure.

There are so many different kinds available… from vibrators to cock rings, and from dildos to anal toys; there’s literally something for everyone. There are specific toys for women and other ones for men, although with a bit of creativity and imagination you could use many on either gender.

There are also toys that are designed to stimulate you in ways you would have never thought possible!

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There are so many ways in which sex toys can benefit your sex life! For starters, sex toys can make it much easier for a woman to reach orgasm. This will reduce the amount of work your partner needs to do to bring you to climax – cutting down on tedium and getting right to the good stuff!

Sex toys can also ease any sexual frustrations you may have. Some women can’t reach orgasm at all without the help of a sex toy. Orgasms are not only physically pleasurable – they relieve anxiety and tension in your mind, body and soul as well.

Another benefit of couple toys is that they can help free your inhibitions. Using a sex toy can help open the lines of communication between you and your partner when you are in bed, leading to more fulfilling sex life for both of you.

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Better Sex Recommendation

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Questions about Sex Toys

If you’ve never used toys and sex props before, you may have some questions before you take the plunge and buy one. Here are some common questions that people have before purchasing their first sex toy:

Is it “normal” to use toys?

You bet! More people use them than you might think. It’s sort of like porn – plenty of people watch it, but no one talks about it. There is nothing embarrassing or shameful about using a sex toy. It’s basically a wonderful little tool that makes for better sex!

What if I feel nervous about buying toys online?

Don’t be nervous about buying toys online. If anything, the ability to buy sex toys online makes the whole process easier than buying them in person, because you can enjoy the anonymity of not having to interact with a salesperson face to face.

Sex toy companies offer discreet packaging, so your neighbors will never know what is in the package. They also use a discreet business name when charging your credit card, so prying eyes won’t have a clue what the company actually sells.

When you use toys, is it somehow a “cop out” from learning how to really please a woman?

No, not necessarily. Sex toys will never replace the pleasure of human contact. They can certainly never replace the emotional closeness and spiritual connection that we feel with our partners.

Think of it this way: a sex toy is a technological invention that basically makes your life easier. For instance, you could wash all of your clothes by hand, or you could save yourself the time and effort by putting them in a washing machine. Sex toys are sort of a similar concept, in that they make certain activities easier!

What if I have no idea what to actually do with a sex toy?

Don’t worry! When you browse sex toy shops online, they’ll always have a description of how to use each sex toy. These sites have product reviews, so you can see what other people say about the toys. You can get a good sense for how excited people are about certain sex toys, which will help heighten your interest.

Once you start using a sex toy, you can always experiment, use your imagination and follow your bliss!

How do I know if a certain sex toy is any good or not?

Read the reviews for each sex toy before you decide to buy one. Not all sex toys are created equally, and some brands will be better than others.

For instance, if you want to buy a vibrator, there are so many different kinds on the market that it may be overwhelming at first. Visit my solo toys page for a discussion on a variety of toys. Another good strategy is to have a look at the ones that are the most popular. You can do this by sorting the toys according to rating. People are usually quite candid and honest with their reviews, so be sure to read a few.

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