Best Sex Positions

Sex Positions

Ancient texts reveal that engaging in various sex positions has been viewed as an art form in certain cultures, for example the Indian Kama Sutra and Arabic Perfumed Garden.

Most positions are only variations of a basic few. In fact, there are more than 600 documented positions for intercourse, but most are variants on the five basic positions, which are missionary, rear-entry, standing positions, sitting positions and side-by-side.

The Art of Sex

For most men, orgasm is guaranteed in just about any of the sex positions, while women have a bit more trouble climaxing during the act of intercourse. Because women need clitoral stimulaton along with thrusting, keep in mind that busy hands are happy hands - and it may just lead to a LOT more satisfaction when it comes to female sexual pleasure.

You and your partner should experiment with what works best for you in terms of physical comfort and how adventurous you are.

Feel free to visit my page on the best orgasm positions for female satisfaction.

Sex Positions

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Find the Perfect Fit

Belle de Jour describes her dealings with all kinds of ‘non-standard issue’ penises in 'The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl':

‘Penises can be strange for many reasons,’ she says. ‘They might have an unusual length-to-width ration, or curve in a funny way, or remind you of your father’s brother’s penchant for turtle-neck jumpers. In fact, there are probably more strange than unstrange ones. This gives the old man quite a scope for personality…’

So here are a few tips for finding a perfect fit:

If your Partner is on the Small Side…

In man-on-top sex positions such as the missionary position, put a pillow under your bottom and raise your legs for maximum stimulation.

Deeper penetration is possible with a bottom-up rear-entry position, for example where you’re standing up but bent over.

When lying on your stomach, keep your legs together to give him a tighter fit.

In the woman on top position, move in circles to prevent him slipping out of you.

If your Partner is on the Large Side….

Hold off on allowing your partner to penetrate you until you’re fully aroused from oral sex or fingering – your vagina lubricates and lengthens towards the end of sexual arousal to make entry more snug.

In the woman-on-top position, put your one foot flat on the bed instead of straddling him. This allows for better movement and depth control. You will find more woman-on-top sex positions here.

Experiment with thrusting – a fast shallow rhythm may be a more comfortable option.

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And the winners are….

Here are just a few great sex positions for you to try...


About 89 per cent of men in a recent Cosmopolitan poll revealed that their favourite sex position is doggie-style. Firstly, it gives them a killer view of your rear end which, you may be pleased to know, looks at its most attractive from that angle. Leaning over smooths out any padding and highlights the arch in your back. Your partner also gets to appreciate the sight of his penis moving in and out of you, with an added bonus of a tight fit and greater friction.

Not to be outdone in the pleasure-department, women profit from rear-entry too. It’s one of the best positions for orgasm due to easy access to your clitoris by either one of you. Many women swear that it’s the best way to stimulate the G-spot too.


Head-to-pelvis sex positions enable you and your partner to give and receive sex simultaneously.

The challenge is to get into the 69 position in one smooth, elegant move. Start by slowly kissing your way down your partner’s body. As you near his penis, slide around so you’re lying on your side with your head facing his feet. Gently prod him to lie on his side too, so that your mouths face each other’s privates.

This side-by-side variation is low on effort and mutually rewarding.

Pelvic Tilt

The pelvic tils is also a favorite sex position of many couples.

Your partner kneels with his knees apart while you lie on your back with your legs facing him. Grip his waist with your thighs. He then pulls your lower body upwards and towards him. Instead of the usual back and forth or in an out, have your partner ‘stir’ his penis inside you, moving in slow, steady circles.


Straddling your man, lower yourself onto his penis. With his hands on your thighs and yours on his waist, move your hips in a circular motion.

Lusty Lotus

Get your man to sit up and cross his legs Indian-style. Straddle him, guiding his penis inside you. Tuck your feet behind him. With arms around his neck as he holds your hips, rock back and forth.

Reverse Squat

Squat on a chair with your back to your partner. Have him enter you from behind, and use your knees as little springs to work with his thrusting.

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