Sex Positions: From A Woman's Point Of View

by Sarah
(South Carolina)

Reader Post on Sex Positions: 'Whether it's man or woman on top if you as the woman have your legs closed together with the penis inside you, it feels amazing and leads to explosive orgasms if you do a rocking sort of motion back and forth.

My favorite position is being on top of the man belly to belly after guiding him in for maximum G spot stimulation with my legs closed tightly. This seems to further hug the penis and leads it right to the G spot!!

My most explosive orgasms have been with legs tightly closed. Plus, the more foreplay before....the better. THE WETTER THE BETTER! Light stimulation at first is a must, overstimulation hurts.

Guys, you know you are doing a good job when your woman has the bed soaked with her own lube before you have even entered her. Oral sex with the hands at the same time is also wonderful! Some good teasing around the lips and clitoris will drive any woman crazy and have her flowing and ready to go. During sex, the more you have your hands on her body the better.'

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