Sex Instructional Videos

Sex Instructional Videos

Welcome to PassionTube, our sex instructional videos section!

Groundbreaking, innovative and stunning - our better sex videos explore the subject of sex in a straightforward and adventurous way. We only select the highest quality educational sex videos to help you learn how to have better sex.

Best of Better Sex Videos

This is the place where visitors can upload their own better sex videos from YouTube, Google, Revver and more. You can now share your sex instructional videos with the world or alert us to what is great in the world of how to sex videos. To those of you who have ever been on YouTube, you know that finding the good ones can be a bit of a pain... You have to sift through hours of clips. Well here, we've done it for you. These are the best educational sex videos we could find.

So do you have any favorite better sex videos that you would love to see on this site? Please send it in. All you have to do is find your favorite how to videos, copy the embed code and send it to us. Give us as much of the story that you know and we'll put it up for our visitors to discuss and rate.

The most popular sex instructional videos rise to the top, so come on and see what the people think!

One word of caution though... this is not the place to post pornographic videos. The focus is on education... and all in good taste, please!


Better Sex Videos

Better Sex Recommendation

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Favorite Better Sex Videos on this Site

About the G-spot

About the G-spot
In one of our most popular sex instructional videos, Dr. Oz explains exactly where the g-spot is and how it feels. He also discusses g-spot orgasms and female ejaculation. So, if you still have your doubts about the existence of what Dr. Oz calls 'the elusive holy grail of female sexuality', pour yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy! more

Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation Technique
Learn all about female ejaculation in one of our best sex instructional videos. Not many women realize that female ejaculation is a learnt technique. It refers to the emission of a clear fluid from the urethra at the point of orgasm and is associated with G-spot stimulation. Not many women experience ejaculation and those who do produce varying quantities of fluid. Some describe it as a 'gushing' of fluid whilst others are able to 'squirt'... More


The Ecstasy of Loud Orgasms

Pillow Talk

Loud orgasms are powerful orgasms that occur when you engage your voice with deep belly sounds when climaxing. The more you let go and the more vocal you become during lovemaking, the better your chances of having your best orgasm ever... More

Great Orgasm Stories
'Bonk' author Mary Roach sure knows how to tell some great orgasm stories. In this video she delves into obscure scientific research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax... More

Prostate Massage

Prostate Hand Massage Technique
The prostate hand massage technique is easy to learn once you get over the taboo of anal sex. The anus has multiple nerve-endings that are highly responsive to touch and stimulation. As far as pleasure goes, massaging the prostate for orgasm is one of the greatest gifts you can give your lover... More

Spiritual Sex

Tantric Sex
Tantric sex is based on the philosophy of Tantra that originated in India over six thousand years ago. Unlike the organized religions of the time, Tantra embraced - rather than rejected - basic human pleasures. It taught that acts like eating, dancing and lovemaking are sacred acts - and that sexuality exists as a spiritual path to enlightenment... More

Tantric Yoga
Tantric Yoga is a transformational tool designed to create happiness, a universal perspective on life, and spiritual awakening. It reminds me of the words of Einstein: "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."... More

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Videos Submitted by our Visitors

Look at these videos and tell us what you think. Feel free to comment and put your rating on them.

Better Sex Video: Herbs and Foods for Better Sex 
What you put in your mouth can lead to better sex - foods and herbs that is. This is a wonderful video discussing the herbs and foods that will spice up …

How to Put on a Condom without Losing the Moment Not rated yet
In the service of helping to spread the safe sex message, I would like to submit this video by Dan and Jennifer entitled 'How to put on a Condom'. I think …

The Aroma Patch for Treatment of Low Libido Not rated yet
Struggling with low libido?

Research is being conducted on how sex drive and sexual response can be enhanced by an aroma patch. The patch is completely …

Romantic Spanish Love Video 
If you're in the mood for viewing a few minutes of sizzling passion, kick back and have a look at this stunning video of passionate images to the tune …

Making Love is a Sacred Experience 
Making love is a sacred experience. It shouldn't be hurried... it should be savoured and enjoyed. In this enlightening interview with Osho, he explains …

How to be a Good Kisser Not rated yet
Hi Dr. Mia,

I recently saw this video on how to be a good kisser on YouTube and thought you might like it... great advice indeed!

What is Spiritual Sex? Not rated yet
I have always enjoyed exploring the spiritual side of sex. This is great video by Dr. Joy Davidson. She explains a lot about Tantra today, which has developed …

Hi Dr. Mia

I follow Chantelle Austin on Twitter and found this video of hers on YouTube! I know bisexuality is a very controversial topic, but I really …

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