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Personal Experiences of Self Prostate Hand Massage Techniques

I get more questions about the practice of self prostate milking than ever before ~ and often get emails containing self prostate milking stories. It seems that men would like to understand the process better, but a lot of the self prostate milking stories document concerns about a variety of things. For example, one client recently told me that he has strong resistance against the idea of anal penetration. It turns out that he worries that the practice of self prostate milking might mean that he has homosexual tendencies. It took quite a bit of convincing that men of all sexual orientations enjoy a self prostate hand massage. It really has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality.

Personal Self Prostate Milking Experiences

The following self prostate milking stories are taken from emails that I have received since writing my previous article on self prostate massage orgasm:

'I couldn't believe how sensitive my prostate was the first time I tried self prostate milking. It was actually quite easy to do once I manouvred myself in the right position. I found that gentle rubbing works best. It didn't take me long to get sexually aroused resulting in an erection. The orgasm was the best I ever had. I do think, however, that I'd like to ask my girlfriend to do it for me in future. I really think that would be so much better.'

'The whole self prostate milking thing still grosses me out. I've tried using latex medical gloves, but that just feels so clinical to me. I guess I'm just not very good at it but I'm happy to give it a miss...'

'My tip for a good self prostate milking orgasm is to use a lubricant such as KY liberally. It allows for a much more pleasant experience. It's also important to be relaxed and to take it slow. It really does feel spectacular and makes for the best orgasm you could ever imagine.'

'I really don't understand what the whole self prostate milking hype is all about. I tried it and didn't feel much at all. I much prefer intercourse, or even manual stimulation. I understand that there are health benefits, but I've read about the risks too. I think this is one little job that I'll just leave up to my doctor, thank you very much.'

'With self prostate milking there's only one way to go, and that is with a prostate stimulator like the Aneros. It makes a massive difference to the sensations you experience and the quality of the orgasm.'

'I've regularly engaged in self prostate milking since my early twenties. I am now 44 and feel good about the fact that I'm doing my part in maintaining my prostate health. I recommend it to anyone.'

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