Prostate Hand Massage Technique

The prostate hand massage technique is easy to learn once you get over the taboo of anal sex. The anus has multiple nerve-endings that are highly responsive to touch and stimulation. As far as pleasure goes, massaging the prostate for orgasm is one of the greatest gifts you can give your lover.

The following video shows you the exact technique for a male g-spot massage:

Massaging the Prostate for Orgasm

The success of the g-spot massage technique relies on the following factors:

1. Ensure that you and your partner are completely relaxed. For obvious reasons, it is desirable to start with a warm shower.

2. Ask your partner to lay face-down on his stomach and spoil him by giving him a back massage. This will encourage him to allow his body to relax into the experience.

3. Use lots of water-based lube for anal play.

4. Take your time when you start stimulating his anus. Just press down lightly until he relaxes enough for you to penetrate him with the tip of your finger. Keep stimulating him with light circular pressure (no in-out movements!) and slowly penetrating deeper until about half your finger is inserted.

5. Ask for feedback once you've located the prostate. Not everyone enjoys the same amount of pressure or stimulation. You can use a 'come hither' motion with your finger or just lightly press on the prostate, or rub backward and forward. Be prepared that some men would like you to continue stimulation while they're having a prostate orgasm, while others would like you to stop.

If you're interested in learning more, stop by our page on prostate milking that is located in our Just for Men section. See you over there!

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