Playing with Sex Toys


The best thing about playing with sex toys is just that – you’re playing! Using sex toys frees your creative spirit between the sheets, allowing you to let loose and have fun.

Many women tell me they feel quite uncomfortable at the idea of 'girls playing with sex toys'. However, adult toys are amazing devices that are full of potential. They will open the doors to entire worlds of pleasure that you never knew existed!

There are a huge variety of sex toys to choose from to make each sexual encounter memorable. From dildos and vibrators that you insert or press directly against your genitals... to fun items like feathers, costumes and masks, and board games that keep your sexual encounter fresh.

There are cock rings and penis extenders for men - and edible bras and vibrating panties for women. Need a new position? Try a sex swing!

In other words, the range of sex toys these days is vast, with toys designed to stimulate and titillate your body in ways you never dreamed possible. How does that sound for fun between the sheets?

Why Sex Toys Are So Beneficial

Playing with sex toys is most effective when approached with an experimental mindset – one of complete openness, allowing plenty of room for the unexpected.

Here are a few ways in which using sex toys can lead to better sex:

  • Sex toys actually make sex easier, by doing the bulk of the physical work. This takes the strain off of both your and your partner’s hands, fingers, lips, mouth, and other body parts that you use for manual stimulation.

  • Sex toys can generate amazing sensations in your body that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to recreate manually, using just your body parts.

  • Sex toys create more intense, mind-blowing orgasms. But it’s not just the orgasms that are intense – foreplay and build-up can also reach whole new levels of pleasure also, when using sex toys.

  • Sex toys make it much easier to have a quickie – whether you’re alone or with a partner.
Sounds tempting, doesn’t it! There really is a lot to be gained from using sex toys. If you happen to have trouble reaching orgasm or relaxing in bed, sex toys may be incredibly beneficial for enhancing your sexual experience – from arousal to climax.

Here are some helpful tips on how to get the most pleasure out of playing with sex toys:

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Tips for Playing with Sex Toys

  • Read the instructions on how to use the sex toy carefully before you begin. You don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way, nor do you want to damage your body, your partner’s body, or the toy.

  • Be gentle. Don’t force anything. If you’re having solo sex, follow the rhythms of your body and listen to your inner instinct. If you’re having sex with a partner, encourage him or her to be very verbal and frank about what feels good and what doesn’t.

  • When playing with a sex toy, allow your natural curiosity to take over. Set aside any preconceived notions about how you think the toy will make you feel. Just lie back and allow yourself to fully experience each sensation that arises!

  • For different ideas about how to use the sex toy, look at reviews of the toy on See what others are saying about each sex toy and find out how others use them.

  • Above all, relax into the idea of girls playing with sex toys and enjoy the experience. Remember, you are playing – it’s all about having fun!

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