My Cybersex Story

by Anonymous

I have cybersex to thank for really coming out of my sexual shell. I grew up in a very conservative household, believing that all things sexual are somehow bad. In my early twenties I had a few sexual experiences that didn't exactly sparkle - mostly because of my shyness. I just couldn't show my enjoyment of the sexual act to my partners and 'talking dirty' in real life having an actual sexual experience was an absolute impossibility.

I'm now in my mid-thirties and still single, but have a very satisfactory online sex-life. Cybersex just suits me because I don't have to be the real me. As soon as I get online, I shed all my inhibitions; I can talk dirty with the best of them and I can role-play anything that turns my partners on. I love pretending I'm a porn star - my online sex partners lap it up.

I keep my cybersex experiences to myself, as I'm sure there will be plenty of judgment if people knew what I'm to in my private life. I'm also savvy enough to understand that it prevents me from feeling the need to form intimate relationships in real life. Yet it works for me. I'm happy with having cybersex - and lots of it!

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