How to Use Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Learning how to use sex toys is one of the most fun parts of sexual exploration, because there are so many different types of couple sex toys that you can try.

Here is a list of the top 10 sex toys that can take your lovemaking to a different level:

Dildos, Vibrators, Anal plugs and beads, Cock rings, Feathers and ticklers, Massage oils and lubricants, Masks and costumes, Board games, Sex swings and pillows …and tie-ups!

When using sex toys, the possibilities for sexual fun are absolutely endless!

Here is a brief description for each of the abovementioned sex toys, along with some ideas for how to use couple sex toys:

Top 10 Sex Toys

1. Dildos

A dildo is a fake penis. Some are even designed to look just like a real penis! Dildos are designed to be inserted vaginally or anally. Dildos are used to simulate both the feel and function of an actual penis.

2. Vibrators

A vibrator does exactly what the name suggests – it vibrates! Some vibrators are designed to be inserted into your body, while others are meant to be used externally by pressing the vibrator against your genitals. Vibrators are excellent for clitoral stimulation, and can often lead a woman to a quick climax.

3. Anal plugs and beads

Anal plugs and beads are inserted into the anus for sexual pleasure. It is best to use adequate amounts of lubricant when attempting to insert anything into the anus. You can even cover them with a condom for added protection.

4. Cock rings

Cock rings are placed at the base of the penis. They help men to maintain firm erections for a longer period of time. Men can also experience better orgasms when wearing a cock ring. There are even cock rings that vibrate, for added pleasure!

5. Feathers and ticklers

Your body is highly sensitive when aroused, so the sensations produced from feathers and ticklers can be highly erotic. You can use feathers and ticklers to tease and seduce. They are a great bonus to use during sex games!

6. Massage oils and lubricants

Massage oils are great for foreplay – warming up the body in intimate ways through touch. Many massage oils come with exotic scents that arouse the senses in more ways than one. Lubricants add a much-needed extra juiciness that allow sex toys like dildos and anal plugs to more easily and comfortably slide in and out.

7. Masks and costumes

Role-playing is made easier when you dress up in a sexy costume! There are many different sexy costumes available that allow you to play out nearly any fantasy, from nurses and nuns to French maids and flight attendants.

8. Board Games

There are tons of different board games and card games that feisty couples can play to add a lively degree of fun to their sexual adventures. They usually involve the element of surprise, in which a player will pull a card that instructs them to perform a tantalizing and teasing sexual act upon their lucky partner.

9. Sex swings and pillows

Want to try a new position? Sex swings and pillows are just the thing! Sex swings like the Love Swing offer hundreds of different possible positions that you and your partner can enjoy while defying gravity. Sex pillows offer a cushiony support that will help your bodies maneuver into tons of comfortable and erotic positions.

10. Tie-Ups

These include silk stockings, scarves and blindfolds.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to learn how to use sex toys is to practice! Once you dive in - the more you use various toys, the more your creativity for using the sex toys will expand.

Sex toys are equally enjoyable for solo sex as they are when used with a partner. The best way to learn how to use sex toys with a partner is to discuss it with them first, so that they know what you have in mind, and to keep the lines of communication open throughout the whole lovemaking session.

Incorporating sex toys into your sexual play brings your lovemaking to a whole new level. Once you learn how to use sex toys, you can use them in various combinations to create intensely steamy sexual experiences.

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