Hot Sex Games

Hot Sex Games

Playing hot sex games brings an enticing element of fun to foreplay. Games can be an alluring part of the seduction that makes you tingle with anticipation. Hot sex games stir your senses, create sexual tension, elevate sexual energy, and heighten the intrigue and fun!

Here are some fun sex games that you can play with your lover that require little to no preparation or cost! Playing these sex games elevates the intimacy level between you and your partner, which leads to better sex.

Stripping Game

Strip games are always fun to play with your lover, especially because there are so many variations. Did you know that stripping games can go far beyond simply removing your clothes in an erotic manner? The best sex games involve teasing and exploration, so try this fun blindfolded stripping game!

Let your lover blindfold you. While blindfolded, take your partner’s clothes off, one article of clothing at a time. Since you won’t be able to see, your sense of touch will be heightened. Indulge in this sense to the fullest. “See” with your hands and your fingers… and even your lips, your mouth and your tongue. Move slowly, removing one thing at a time, thoroughly exploring each area and crevice with your hands and your lips. Caress and fondle the delightful parts that you encounter. Your lover will thoroughly enjoy the sensual attention and you will enjoy the thrill and anticipation of feeling but not seeing. When blindfolded, you will find that you take your time, linger on the lovely parts, and don’t rush as much as you might when you can see what you are doing.

Once your partner is fully naked (and you will know because you will thoroughly check!), you can then remove your blindfold and put it on your partner, but you may be so hot at this point that you need to just get right down to business.

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Blindfolded Sex Game

Here is another fun blindfolded sex game. Lie on the bed wearing only a blindfold, while your partner tickles and teases your body, enticing your senses with various objects and materials such as feathers, silk, ice and melted wax.

This fun sex game is full of surprises, so expect the unexpected! This hot sex game also involves a strong element of trust. If you’re going to go to extremes by using ice or hot wax, discuss this with your partner beforehand so that they won’t be scared when they feel it. It’s a good idea to have a safe word that you choose beforehand, so if the game ever gets out of hand, you can say the safe word and your partner will know to stop, remove your blindfold, and comfort your fears away.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is another hot sex game to play - especially with a new lover, when you don’t know each other’s personal secrets or secret fetishes yet. Dive deep into each other’s sexual core when you play a sexy game of Truth or Dare. Don’t be afraid to ask intimate questions that might bring up surprising (and revealing!) answers. Make your dares as sensual and erotic as possible. Use this hot sex game as an opportunity to not only have fun, but also to gain more insight into your lover’s deepest desires.

If you enjoyed reading about these hot sex games, you may enjoy my page on the best sex toys too. Enjoy!

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