Hot Romance

Hot Romance

If you're in the mood for some hot romance, I suggest you start with setting the scene for love. Our surroundings have a powerful impact on the way we feel, and it doesn't take much to create a romantic environment to put you both in the mood for sex. This is a fantastic way to surprise the woman in your life, and will surely refresh a love life that has started to lose its spark.

The whole world is connected by an erotic principle. And a great deal of creative life comes out of the connections between things. I mean, it's a silly thing to say, but even putting chocolate sauce on ice cream is an erotic activity because you're putting two things together for pleasure. -Thomas Moore

Setting the Scene for Love

1. Nothing spells out hot romance more than lighting candles. A lot of women prefer the soft light as it makes them feel more comfortable when they undress.

2. Scent the room using aromatherapy oils. The Kama Sutra recommends saffron, musk and sandalwood as substances whose smell blends with that of the woman and encourages sexual excitation. For a special touch, try an aphrodisiac oil such as ylang ylang. This scent smells great, relaxes you and gets your lady in the mood for sex. (In Indonesia it is traditionally used to scent the nuptial bed to encourage a couple's lust for each other.)

3. Making a path of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom with tea lights illuminating the route is sure to be a winner. You can also scatter them on the bed.

4. Play romantic music to inspire you both.

Music... breathing... a lover's moan or smiling sigh... Each transports us out of ordinary time and into a realm that is deeply personal and intimate. -Kim Cattrall

5. Place a tray with vibrant fruits such as strawberries and grapes on the bedside table, together with champagne or wine. you can even prepare your own tonic to help your partner get in the mood for sex. The following recipe requires drops of liquid extracts blended with fruits said to have aphrodisiac qualities. (All the ingredients are available from herbalists or good health shops.)

Eve of Romance
50ml papaya juice
50ml pineapple juice
50ml orange juice
1ml (20 drops) kava kava
1ml (20 drops)damiana
1ml (20 drops) red ginseng
1 wedge of orange
1 wedge of pineapple

Put all the liquid ingredients in a blender and blitz to a smooth consistency. Serve over ice and garnish with the orange and pineapple wedges.

Imagine the look on her face when she walks into the room... How about a genital massage to follow?

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