Games of Desire

Games of Desire Games of Desire are the gateway to virtual fun.

The term “Games of Desire” refers to internet sex games that tease, tantalize and entice. They are a form of online adult entertainment – sort of like interactive porn. They serve a similar function as porn, because they stimulate your sexual desire and ignite your wildest fantasies.

These online computer sex games revolve around sexual scenarios involving real life people, 3-D computer-generated characters, and even cartoons. They often involve a point of view where you, the viewer, feel like you are right in on the action. In most cases, you can interact and control the action – to a degree. The characters in online sex games still need to be seduced – and sometimes they play hard to get!

Internet sex games can stimulate your sex life in so many ways. They can be a fun part of solo sex, or an addition to real-life foreplay. If your lover is away on a business trip, you can still meet up online and play some Games of Desire together, leading to a sensual session of mutual masturbation. The possibilities are endless!

There are all kinds of different Games of Desire that are geared towards every sexual fantasy, fetish and preference. Here are a few online Games of Desire that can get you heated up!

The Best All-Around Online Sex Game

3D Sex Games offers the best virtual sex you can get. With this erotic video game, you can create the characters, right down to what they are (or aren’t) wearing. They can enact any sexual position and sex practice that you desire, from masturbation to oral sex to frolicking threesomes, and many other positions you’d probably never dreamed of. The horny characters in 3D Sex Games can even play with a wide variety of sex toys. With this top-of-the-line erotic video game, you can easily create and fulfill any sexual fantasy that you may have.

Interracial Online Sex Games

3D Dark Dream is a sizzling hot erotic video game that involves interracial couples (and threesomes). In this fun sex game you can choose characters from all different races and watch them indulge in each other’s most sensual attributes and succulent desires.

Gay/Lesbian Online Sex Games

3D Lesbian is the perfect virtual sex game for women who prefer to sleep with women. This hot sex game allows you to create your own characters, choose where the fun will take place (in a bedroom? on the beach?) and even decide how they will bring each other to orgasm.

Games that Indulge in Your Secret Fetish

What’s your secret fetish? Whether you’re into BDSM, fantasizing about futuristic machine-human sex, or even into the novel concept of balloon masturbation, there are certainly erotic online video games that cater to your kinks. These types of computer sex games can serve as a healthy outlet for your most intimate fantasies.

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