Full Body Orgasms

Making Love as a Path to Bliss

Full Body Orgasm

”There are as many orgasms as there are stars in the sky!” -Margot Anand

Full Body Orgasms are the height of sex as a spiritual experience. Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Magic, describes the pinnacle of Tantric practice as an orgasm of the brain. This occurs when the intellect of the left hemisphere of the brain fuses with the intuitive faculties of the right hemisphere to create the experience of ecstasy, in which body, mind, and heart all participate.

In a spiritual sense, ecstasy draws you closer to the universal source, the creative womb out of which all things appear. Those who practise Tantra believe that the ecstasy of the orgasmic experience opens you up to come into contact with the Divine.

How to Make Love to Achieve Full Body Orgasms

True full body orgasms can only be experienced by those who know how to transcend sex as a bodily experience and turn it into an art form.

1. Approach the lovemaking process as a meditation, ritual or prayer in which you honour the divinity of your own partner.

2. Surrender. Learn the art of blissful loving and intimate sharing. When making love, surrender to utterly, totally and completely and unconditionally adore and embrace your partner. For that to happen, your ego needs to subside. An absolute surrender is necessary to have fulfilment.

3. Make love with your body, not with your mind. Still the mind and focus on the senses. Be IN your body. You’re always where your body are. You’ve got to be where the truth is. If you fantasize you’re in your mind – you’ve left your body. That is dishonest. It’s false excitement. Mindfulness. go into the realm of pure bliss which is beyond the senses, but you have used the senses to reach it. You've used the sense pleasure and gone deeply into its core.

4. Say to your lover with every breath, every look, every touch: ‘This is love. This is beauty. I love you. You are beautiful.’ There's simply nothing more to say.

5. Surrender the false notions of self that requires you to be perfect or do it right. Then sex becomes a practice of liberation. Just focus on what is. No intentions. No goals of orgasm or doing it right are necessary.

6. Let yourself go in your lover’s hands. Imagine being completely relaxed and completely aroused at the same time. It’s the most wonderful way of sharing love.

7. Communicate about your sensations clearly without shame or guilt. Lovingly teach your partner to touch you exactly the right way until he does it as well as you’re able to do it yourself.

8. Dedicate your moment of bliss together to the Divine.

9. Learn to prolong orgasm.

The more attentive you are to your lover’s state of mind and stages of arousal, the more sensual pleasure will turn into spiritual ecstasy.

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What a Full Body Orgasm feels like

“You can either pray 100,000 hours or you can consciously guide the [sexual] energy up the spine." -Mantak Chia, Taoist sexual yoga master

What does a whole body orgasm feel like in the moment of sexual release? There’s bliss, peace, release; a quietening of the nagging mind.

Full body orgasms are spiritual in that they allow energy to travel through the fluidity of the movement of the sexual dance; they occur through a deep merging and letting go and compassionate melting of two beings who share a moment of deep meditation. Full body orgasms allow the expression of your own truth in that moment where you move beyond the sexual act to experience energy as colours and visions and patterns and forms. That is pure delight.

Full body orgasms transcend sexual indulgence and excitement. It’s pure and beautiful. It’s utter and complete love.

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