7 Foreplay Techniques and Tips to make your Love Life Super-hot

Foreplay Techniques and Tips

Here are some surefire foreplay techniques and tips to get the both of you hot, horny, and fired up! Foreplay is an essential aspect of quality lovemaking, and it’s just as fun as actual intercourse. Foreplay builds anticipation and increases sexual tension to the point where both of you are ready to bubble over and explode!

These foreplay techniques and tips ultimately increase the pleasure for both you, taking the lovemaking process to dizzying new heights. Foreplay is especially important for women, who need more “warming up” time than men. Male sexual excitement is designed to crescendo quickly, for reproductive and survival purposes. This natural fact results in some men worrying that they “don’t last long enough” to fully satisfy their partner.

No need to worry! If you engage in the long, slow and insanely pleasurable buildup of foreplay, she will have the ample physical stimulation which will lead to an easier orgasm.

The main ingredient behind these foreplay techniques and tips is the building up of erotic fervor in a teasing and seductive manner. Let the foreplay fun begin...

Foreplay Ideas

1. Set the Mood

Create a sexy atmosphere by dimming the lights or lighting candles. Scented candles are even better! Play some music in the background. It can be loud music or soft music, whichever you both prefer. Or you may even want to put on a sexy video.

2. Give a Strip-tease

Slowly undress in front of each other, removing one article of clothing at a time. Or you can both undress each other in this same fashion.

3. Explore each other's bodies

This is really fun! Take your time and squeeze, pinch, caress, kiss, lick, suck, fondle, and nibble on any part of your partner’s body that seems desirable and enticing to you. Lick his neck, nibble his ear, squeeze his buttocks, caress his balls, fondle his penis.

Don’t spend too much time on the genitals, to begin with. You want to increase the pleasure by slowly building it up, rather than jumping right in! Your ultimate aim is the erogenous zones, but also check out the unconventional areas. Run your tongue along his spine, for example.

Then slowly hone in on the erogenous areas. Run your hand along his thigh, gently cup his balls, lightly caress his penis – all in a very teasing manner, before you’re off again to some other part of the body.

Take special note of how he reacts to everything you do – he will like some actions better than others. By taking note, you will amass a store of knowledge that will make each lovemaking session better than the last!

The special ingredient in foreplay techniques and tips is the quality of teasing. Foreplay should be fun, erotic, even silly at times, and always revealing. You’ll learn new things about what each of you like and what you want done to yourself!

4. Talk Dirty

Talk dirty. Let him know what you like about his body. Let him know that you absolutely love what he’s doing to you. If words fail you, breathlessness speaks volumes. Always let him know, in some way, if he is doing something that you utterly enjoy.

5. Give a Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is another great foreplay tip and technique. Buy specially-scented massage oil and take turns rubbing it deeply into each other’s skin. He will be so grateful for the massage that he will want to return the favor a hundredfold!

6. Get wet

Another great foreplay technique is to take a hot shower or bath together. Being warm, wet and naked will put you both in the mood right away!

7. Go Oral

Oral sex is an advanced part of foreplay, because it might lead to one or both of you reaching climax. Once you’ve enjoyed many moments of fondling and teasing, oral sex can take foreplay to a whole new level. It’s also a great way to gauge how aroused either one of you are. For great sex, you need to be wet and he needs to be hard, so if either one of these elements falls short, continue with foreplay. There is absolutely no need to rush into intercourse before either one of you are ready.

Good foreplay gets you both relaxed and familiar with each other’s bodies, rhythms, mood and energy. These foreplay techniques and tips allow you the time and opportunity to get in synch – mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is key to great sex!

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