Foreplay Positions

Foreplay Positions

The right foreplay positions are extremely arousing. Oral sex play, for one, is up there with life's greatest pleasures. As Tracey Cox likes to say:

'Giving great oral is part attitude, part technique, and a whole lot about enthusiasm.'

Hand-job Positions

Foreplay positions start with delectable hand-jobs.

1. The most comfortable foreplay position to give your lady an exquisite hand-job is reaching down with one hand while lying beside her. You can freely kiss her face, throat and breasts in this foreplay position.

2. A more practical foreplay position is to get her sitting or lying back with her knees up. Sit between her open legs for a great visual and full access to her vulva.

Foreplay Positions

Better Sex Recommendation:

Need a bit of help with your foreplay positions? My best sexual foreplay tip is to invest in sexy furniture. The possibilities are endless...

Oral Sex Positions

1. Some women take ages to reach a climax. If this is the case, a workable foreplay position is your lady seated on the kitchen worktop, or slouched forward in a chair. She should slide forward, so her crotch is on the edge of the chair or surface. Place her feet on your shoulders. If you can manage to get the height right (try pillows under you knees), it's a great visual turn-on, easy on your neck and you can see exactly what you're doing.

2. If your lover is a little self-conscious, she may prefer to stick to the traditional pose of her lying on her back, while you lie between her legs. She will feel less exposed. Put a pillow under her backside and one under your chest for comfort.

3. Get her to straddle your face whilst you're lying on your back. She can face in either direction, but may prefer to balance herself by putting her hands on the wall or bedhead. Women tend to love this foreplay position as it gives them control. They can lift or lower themselves to will and move as much or as little as they want to. It may help you to put a pillow under your neck for support.

4. If she's begging for it, kneel in front of her while she is standing. This is one of the foreplay positions that appeals to alpha females who likes to see you in a submissive position. Expect her to go weak in the knees - literally - and then let her lean against a wall or pull her to the floor with you.

5. Another great foreplay position for confident girls is to get her on all fours on the bed. Simply slide in underneath her. Put your head on a pillow so you can reach her genitals.

Sexual Foreplay Tips

Try the following sexual foreplay tips to spice up your love play.

- A great foreplay position is to spread-eagle your lover on the bed and tie her up. This especially appeals to 'good girls'. If they're tied up, they can just relax because they don't have to take responsibility for the proceedings.

- Many men fantasize about spanking a woman's bottom. If this appeals to your and your partner, you may want to put her over your knee and spank away.

- One of the loveliest foreplay positions is spooning. Put your hands on her hips and pull her back against you, letting her feel how much she turns you on. When you spoon her it also leaves your hands free to roam her body as much as you like.

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