Foreplay Massage

Foreplay Massage

Foreplay massage is a key ingredient for a night of sensuous lovemaking. As part of foreplay, sexual massage is the perfect way to set the mood, increase the intimacy between you and your partner, and sensitize you to each other’s bodies. It is one of the foreplay activities that ensures a night of passion that reaches both of you deeply on many levels.

Massages are relaxing and bring both of you closer together. Being in tune with one another is an important part of unforgettable lovemaking. When you are in synch with your partner, you will naturally follow each other’s rhythms and flows, making it easier to anticipate what the other wants.

Foreplay massage is allows both of you to give and receive. You can both enjoy and appreciate the benefits of being the giver and the receiver as you attune to each other’s most sensual wishes.

Follow these simple foreplay tips to elevate your lovemaking to a higher level:

Foreplay Massage Tips

To start things off, set the mood by putting on some soft, romantic music. (Or play loud, sexy music, if you prefer!) Create a sexy atmosphere by dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and/or burning some incense. This will get all of your senses involved in the experience.

For the utmost sensuality, be naked - or only partially dressed. Undressing can become an important part of the slow seduction. Remove your clothing in a slow and tantalizing manner – or remove each other’s clothing in this way.

Position yourselves comfortably. You or your partner can lie on the bed, on your back or on your stomach. You can also try other positions. For instance, if your partner wants to massage you first, try sitting in a chair with him between your legs, which gives him access to your legs, thighs, stomach, breasts, arms, fingers, toes, and oh yes – that fun place in between your legs.

If you are massaging your partner first, gently spread his legs as he is lying on the bed. Kiss his back or stomach, let your nipples brush against his skin, then either start kneading his back with scented massage oil or move down to massage his feet.

Don’t immediately dive for the private parts at this stage! The point is to keep it slow and sensual. Foreplay massage relaxes your bodies, making you more receptive. You want the genitals to be aching with anticipation before you get there.

It’s good to “tease” these areas now and then with a gentle rub or a kiss, but at this stage, focus on giving the rest of his body a treat. Pay attention to his other erogenous zones. Rub his shoulders, lick his belly, massage his neck, nibble his ear, suck on his toes. Tickle the back of his knees. You can use a feather if you wish.

Remember, with foreplay massage you don’t have to use just your hands… You can use every inch of your body to massage his, by pressing and sliding yourself on top of him. Use your breasts, your thighs, your feet, your lips, and your tongue. Gently knead, massage and explore every inch and curve of his body. Run your nipples over his back, his chest, across his lips.

Now you’re nearly ready to let his penis in on the action. After you’ve given the rest of his body a lot of attention, slowly start moving towards his inner thighs, his balls, and his buttocks. If he’s lying on his stomach, flip him over so that he can see your naked beauty and you can see his growing member.

At this stage a number of things can happen: he may want to massage and fondle you in the same way as you treated him, or you may want to give him some oral pleasure, or perhaps both of you may be ready for intercourse. It will be different every time. Just go with the flow and enjoy what comes next!

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