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Why a For Men Only section on our Better Sex for Women site?

I have recently had so many men ask me for advice on what women really want and how to have better sex for a lifetime that I decided to develop this section for men only.

Better Sex... More Sex?

Want to please your partner in bed?

The first step to getting both better sex and more sex is expanding your knowledge on what sexual satisfaction means for women. Is it all about buying flowers, holding her hand and whispering sweet nothings in her ear? Uhmmm... not necessarily! What women really want is:

- You doing more housework. Seriously! Research tells us there is a direct correlation between the amount of housework a man does and the sex a couple has - presumably because she feels less resentful abut coming home from working all day to more work, or doing all the work around the house if she is a stay-at-home mum, while he puts his feet up in front of the telly.

- You making sure that sex is delicious for both of you when it does occur. What helps is to be a little unpredictable... Novelty and even a bit of danger keeps sex red hot in the long term. Mix things up - not just the location but also how you have sex.

You may be surprised to know that it is actually not that difficult to please a woman... Compliment her sincerely on every bit of her body; touch her expertly with (lubed up) fingers; give her lots of sensational oral sex that lasts a while; show her just how comfortable you are with yourself by being the one to suggest a little help from a vibrator during lovemaking...

Need to know more? You will find detailed, step-by-step instructions in the for men only articles below:


Feature Article

Better Sex

Body Language Love Signals Body language love signals are the subtle signs that tell you what your lover wants when you're making love. If you are able to decipher her body language love signals, you are in an excellent position to unleash her wild side and fulfil both your sexual fantasies... (read more)

Better Sex Series for Men

- 7 Secrets of Satisfied Women

- Hot Romance: Setting the Scene for Love

- 5 Foreplay Activities to Blow her Mind

- The Very Best Foreplay Positions for Spectacular Love Play

- Genital Massage: 10 Steps to Orgasmic Bliss

- Clitoris Stimulation: What All Men Need to Know

- The Very Best Clitoris Stimulation Tips

- How to Give the Best Oral Sex

- How to Have Sensational Anal Sex

- Deep Thrusting for Supersatisfying Sex

- Essential Female Orgasm Techniques

- Give a Woman a Orgasm she'll Never Forget!

And then...

* Prostate Hand Massage Technique Video

* Self Prostate Massage

* Orgasm through Prostate Massage

* Steps for a Self Prostate Massage Orgasm

* Prostate Massage Milking

* Self Prostate Milking

* Self Prostate Milking Stories, Experiences and Tips

* Male Performance Anxiety

* Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

* Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

* Fixing Erectile Dysfunction

* Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

* Better Sex Resources for Men

Please check back regularly for new articles in our Better Sex Series for Men if you're interested in learning about what women really want.

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