Deep Thrusting


Deep thrusting is the act of deeply penetrating your lover's vagina and moving backward and forward - sounds simple enough...

Not quite. To be an extraordinary lover, there are a few misconceptions about deep thrusting to be aware of.

Thrusting Power

1. Men often pride themselves on being able to have marathon sessions that last for hours on end. However, most women find 'will-he-ever-finish' men a little boring! Not only does deep thrusting for an extended period get monotonous, it can also hurt. Lubrication slows down for women and then thrusting inevitably becomes painful.

Despite this, a lot of men worry themselves sick that they're not going for long enough. Granted, it's nice if the act lasts longer than two minutes, but please don't try and delay ejaculation forever! Ask your lover how long she would like you to last... you may just be surprised at her answer!

2. How deep does deep thrusting need to be to please your partner? I wish I could give you a clear-cut answer, but the truth is that it differs not only from woman to woman, but also on the position, your lady's mood and for some women, where she's at in her menstrual cycle. If even the mildest thrust sends your lady love through the roof with pain, she needs to see a gynaecologist; otherwise it may be that her cervix is getting bumped. It may help if you aim to the side instead of dead centre.

Sometimes your lover would love you to thrust very hard and very deep! That's usually when she asks you to go harder! Other times shallow, gentle thrusts feel much more comforting and comfortable. If you're in tune with your lover, you'll be able to guage from her body language what she would prefer. However, if in doubt, ask her!

Great Thrusting Techniques

1. One of the most basic thrusting techniques is to keep your thrusting consistent and rhythmic. If you stop constantly because you're worried about coming too soon, it can be very frustrating. Make sure not to go too fast either... going as fast as a jackhammer will not land you on the great-lover list!

Better Sex Recommendation:


Surprise your lover with the excellent Liberator shapes to create your own playground in your bedroom. The Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo is particularly good for deep thrusting in an elevated missionary position. More than pillows, they're a means to more foreplay, hotter positions and unlimited creativity.

2. The ancient Taoists of China took sex very seriously and developed a whole range of thrusting techniques for better sex. One of the classic Taoist thrusting techniques involves a sequence of nine shallow thrusts followed by one deep thrust, repeated over and over again.

You can also try other combinations of odd-numbers of shallow thrusts followed by one deep thrust, or alternate shallow and deep thrusting. Just make sure that you get a regular rhythm going.

Experiment with harder and softer or slower and faster thrusts. The slow deep thrust can be absolutely sensational if interspersed with faster, shallow thrusts. Tune in to your lover's pleasure levels by paying attention to her body language and moans... if you get a murmured, 'oh my...,' then stick with what you are doing for a while.

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