Better Oral Sex

How to give better oral sex was explored in great detail in the ancient books of love from India, China, Japan and the Arabic World. The Taoists, for example, termed oral sex 'tongue kung fu' and they suggested a variety of exercises to strengthen the tongue and mouth in preparation for fellatio.

You can try some of these exercises yourself:

Stick your tongue out fully for a minute or so; try curling up the edges of your tongue, form a roll, then stretch it out to the left and right.

(Dont worry if you find it difficult to roll your tongue - a lot of people find it quite impossible!)

How to give oral sex

If you want to give better oral sex, it's important to master the basic technique first.

By the way, if he isn’t hard, you can get him there in a hurry by sucking him to attention. It's always a pleasant surprise if the blowjob begins out of the blue. Try this next time you’re just watching TV. Get down on your knees, open his pants up, and surprise him.

1. Keep your lips loose and soft, but make sure you cover your teeth.

2. Grip the base of the shaft with your one hand, and smoothly slide your (very wet) mouth over your man's erect penis, taking him as far into your mouth as possible.

3. Slowly slide your mouth back up to the top while making eye contact with him.

4. Repeat. Slide your mouth repeatedly up and down, picking up speed as he becomes more aroused.

5. Swirl your tongue around the shaft, but pay particular attention to the rim of the head and frenulum.

6. Use your other hand as an extension of your mouth. Slide it up and down, closing it when you reach the head, and opening it slightly as you slide back down. He may also enjoy it if you cup his testicles or stimulate his nipples.

If you're not sure if you're getting it right, check his body language -- the twitch, the gasp, the shudder, when his thigh muscles tighten while he inhales sharply... all these little signs will give you clues as to what’s working... and what’s working better.

By understanding all those little subtle shifts in behaviour, you know when to change your technique to get a little added stimulation in, or to pull back so you can prolong the experience. It’s torturously delightful when the whole process is dragged out for as long as you can make it last.

Advanced Oral Sex Tips

The ancient Taoists called orally pleasuring a man, 'playing the jade flute.' Women were advised to use the mouth as a second vagina, kissing, licking and sucking with gentleness and enthusiasm.

Try the following advanced better oral sex tips to make him swoon:

1. Kneel in front of your man in the classic submissive pose. It's actually quite comfortable and gives you control over how deeply he thrusts into your mouth.

2. Make a twisting motion with one hand as you slide it up and down the shaft.

3. Twirl your tongue around the head, and follow with fast licking up and down the shaft. Vary the length and strength of your tongue strokes for maximum pleasure.

4. Keep a glass of water close by in case your mouth gets dry, or add artificial moisture by slathering him with champagne, honey, or ice cream.

5. Add some light bondage to the mix. Make the whole process about giving and denying -- take him to the brink and know when to stop so you can stretch that tease to the maximum. If you can prolong it as long as possible, the orgasm is of the earth-shattering, full-body spent kind.

Check out our section on oral sex tricks for more fellatio techniques.

The more you work at spoiling your partner with better oral sex, the more confident you'll feel and the more you'll enjoy it -- which will make your partner love it too!

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