Bedroom Sensuality for Better Sex

The Sensuous Bedroom

Red Bedroom for passion between the sheets.

Bedroom sensuality is all about creating an erotic love nest for you and your lover... If you’re keen on improving your sex life, the look and feel of your bedroom matters. For romance and sensuality, choose softened textures, serene and erotic artwork, as well as muted patterns.

Ideally your bedroom should be a serene sanctuary - a shelter from the outside world with all its noise and business. It’s where you rest, sleep, and replenish. It's the space where you're making love.

Everything in your bedroom should communicate bedroom sensuality - something intimate about you and your lover. It’s important to feel safe and trusting in this space, because it’s where you are at your most open, vulnerable and exposed.

For better sex, the atmosphere should be nurturing, enhanced by rich colours, soft lighting, abundant plants, and restful images of nature.

Add a Touch of Romance

Talk to your partner about the theme and colour scheme of your bedroom to create bedroom sensuality and make sure that you both are comfortable in the space that you so intimately share.

Choosing a theme is fun. You will find great ideas in magazines and catalogs for romantic and sexy themes, for example boudoir, classic Victorian, or modern chic.

Read more about your choice of colour in the page on the psychology of colour.

Passion Boudoir

Red love candles for romance in the bedroom.

French women are known to create the sexiest bedrooms in the world. To improve your sex life, you have to plan for sex and decorate accordingly to create an evocative, enticing space.

Here are a few suggestions for creating a Passion Boudoir:

- Choose seductive colours that are erotically appealing like rouge red, creamy peaches and subtle pinks. Be daring and use bold colors on the walls.

- Luscious fabrics will set the stage for sensuousness. Use a combination of silk, velvet and natural fibres. Exotic patterns, such as animal prints or tropical florals, conjure images of faraway journeys;


Better Sex Recommendation:

You can order incredibly sensual and soft throes, silk sheets and erotic 'stashe' pillows online from at's Boudoir range.

- Place sensual images on the walls for an erotic setting, for example beautiful bodies;

- Don't underestimate the power of lighting to create a romantic mood. Change lampshades to add color and light patterns, and get dimmers or candle sconces for the walls.

- Make good use of mirrors to reflect dancing candle light;

- Place essential oils in a diffuser for an aromatic touch;

- Add dressing tables furnished with feminine accessories and intimate objects for a touch of mystery and romance;

- Just the presence of a bed tray suggests the possibility of the ultimate pleasure: breakfast in bed.

- Decorate your windows for romance and privacy by starting with window blinds or shades for basic privacy, and then layering on draperies, curtains, and valances to give your windows a romantic look that matches your bedroom theme;

- Choose your bed well. You might like something traditional like a four poster with sheer fabric canopy; or you could go for something more exotic like a bamboo screen for the headboard.

- Indulge in some of the finest sex furniture that is available.


Better Sex Recommendation:

If you really want to up the ante for passionate love play in your bedroom, check out the Ramp - we're talking high quality, affordabe sex furniture that allows for incredibly satisfying love play.

Show negative energies the door

If bedroom sensuality is important to you, be careful what energies you allow into your bedroom. Ask yourself:

- How much clutter have you accumulated (look at the Feng Shui Bedroom page for guidance on dealing with clutter)?

- Do you really want a television set to dominate the space?

- How much conflict do you bring into your bedroom?

- Does your work enter it or do you choose to leave that outside the door?

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven and your sex life will transform too.

Erotic Journaling

Better Sex Bedroom Exercise

Use your erotic journal to mull over the following questions (What? You haven’t got one yet? You don’t know what you’re missing! Just grab a notebook and pen until you can get yourself to the newsagency to buy a dedicated journal for improving your sex life. I promise you won’t be sorry…):

1. Consider for a moment what your bedroom looks like right now. What words would you use to describe it? Is it cluttered? Disorganised? Peaceful? Atmospheric? How does your bedroom reflect what your life is like?

2. How would you like you sex life to be?. What words come to mind? Adventurous? Intimate? Passionate? Trusting? Safe?

3. What needs to change in your bedroom to reflect your sexual needs? (It doesn’t have to be a major overhaul: think doing away with clutter to have more breathing space, changing the colours for a tranquil atmosphere, or adding a few candles for sensuality. )

4. Are there any Feng Shui principles that would help to create bedroom sensuality and transform your bedroom into a haven for relaxation and love?

5. Reflect on your attitude towards making any changes in your bedroom. Are you tired before you even start, or are you excited about creating something more conducive to making love? Is it the same attitude you have towards sex?

6. Make a plan to bring about the most significant changes in your bedroom that will reflect who you really are. What will you do and when will you do it? Are you going to enlist anyone’s help? How will you reward yourself when you have followed through?

Creating bedroom sensuality is a wonderful prelude to making love. Have fun!

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